common documents for study abroad

Common Documents Required to apply for foreign universities as an International Student

Documents required for the application process I remember applying to Universities in the States and juggling to find out the application process, the documents needed, what exams to give, is my score good enough etc. and later on helping friends and others with the same process which brought me to write this article. I have simplified the documents needed in the application process below in order to make it easy and take some weight off your shoulders related to the steps involved in the application process.Are you confused about the documents needed for the application process? Then keep on reading…


Importance of Networking & 5 easy ways to get started

Importance of Networking and 5 easy ways to get started Networking plays a very vital role in students’ lives. They understand how crucial it is for them and what all it is capable of when it comes to increasing the chances of landing their dream job. If you have an actual definition of networking in your mind, you are mistaken. It is a lot more than that. Also, it does not have to be an overwhelming task, but it’s effortless and most significantly, a great asset that will help you every step of the way.   Importance of Building Your Network…