Three Common Challenges Faced by International Students while Studying Abroad

Have you packed your bags yet? Did you bid farewell to your kith and kin? Now is the time to fly abroad to pursue your graduate or postgraduate degree from a top-notch university. Almost every student expresses the desire to study overseas and give a touch of discovery to all those stunningly beautiful places we have studied about or been taught. But only a couple of students get a chance to make it and live their dreams. It does feel great when we think about the life people live overseas, but there are some challenges faced by international students when studying abroad.

Listed below are three common challenges international students face.

Are you planning to study abroad? Prepare yourself mentally for these three common challenges before you travel.


Language Barrier

Learn a new language

Have you been speaking English all your life? If so, you may have a hard time understanding native English speakers. It can be a major challenge that might be hard to tackle. If you choose to study in a country where people communicate with each other in a foreign language, you are bound to have difficulties when it comes to expressing yourself.

The majority of international students studying in countries, including Australia, the USA, Canada, and the UK lack much-needed fluency in English; thus, they lose their confidence. They think twice about discussing their problems with others thinking that they would be the subject of being mocked and ridiculed.

Taking language lessons is the best solution that will help you get rid of the hesitation when explaining your thoughts. Even if you are not able to find the right words, you will still be able to communicate well in English. It will boost your confidence and enhance your verbal communication skills. Can it get any better?

Staying Active

Three Problems of Students Studying Abroad

When you move to a new school, college, or university, your lifestyle may take a drastic turn. If you are like other students, you will probably find yourself spending a lot of time sitting around on the campus. 

Regardless of you are preparing for exams, sitting in the class, or hanging out with your friends, you will soon realize that something is wrong in getting the same amount of exercise you are used to. Furthermore, the new food you are likely to introduce in your new diet may seem different and fatty than your regular one.

Fret not! It pays to make the most of the resources available to you in the school, college, or university campus. Avoid showing reluctance when it comes to hitting the gym. What good is a free membership if you don’t utilize it to your advantage? Even if you have avoided physical exercise all these years, it is wise to add it to your daily routine. Don’t you think you should do something productive for your health than simply hanging out alone in your dorm room?

Cultural Differences

You are all excited knowing that you have got into an international university. But the excitement weakens when you find yourself about to become a part of a culture you haven’t experienced until now. There are people speaking various languages, eating food you have never heard of, and socializing in a different way can send shivers down your spine. Adjusting yourself according to the new culture is never easy. For this reason, experiencing culture shock is one of the threats of being an international student.

To overcome this challenge, the first thing you should do is to be yourself. Don’t express your unwillingness when it comes to communicating with others. Let others judge you and it’s always good to make new friends.

Wrapping up

There is no question that being an international student is a great honor in itself. Nonetheless, their life is not always stimulating and interesting as it seems from the outside world.

The above mentioned problems are common in students and they can be tackled easily with the help of Networking & Connections.

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Asha Mathur
March 12, 2020

Excellent Post. As a student I experienced all three of them. I speak English quite well but to understand the accent was a challenge initially in UK.


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