Types of Accommodation in Germany with cost estimates

Do you ever think of finding the right accommodation as a challenge? Choosing the right accommodation is very crucial and often overlooked; as the place you choose will be your home for a while and will have a direct relation on your state of mind. So, read on below to understand the different types of accommodation options offered.

There are mainly two types of accommodation options for students either student unions’ halls of residence or a private accommodation.

Types of Accommodation:

Students Halls of Residence

The Students Halls of residence also referred to as hostels is the most economical and cheapest option available for students and hence is the most preferred one amongst first year internationals. They are offered by state run organization and available in each university town for easy access to the university. One can find different types of spaces in these such as single room, single or shared apartments, single parent household rooms or rooms specific for disabled people. The rent is usually paid on a monthly basis.

The caveat is that it can be challenging to find one as only 40% of international students get a room in here while the rest 60% have to manage their own accommodation as German universities rarely offer on campus accommodation options.

How and when to apply

As these are offered based on first come first serve basis, the earlier you apply the more are your chances of securing a place in the residence hall.

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the university, you will need to submit an online application on the specific city student union webpage. If there is accommodation available, you will receive an email with the accommodation offer with a deadline to respond with a direct deposit authorization and lease agreement.

For some universities, the residence halls accommodation for international students is handled by the university’s International Office.

Cost of Students Halls of Residence is approximately around €220 – €250 per month.

Private accommodation

Private accommodation is also very common among students as the Students Halls of Residence has limited vacancies. Private accommodation comprises of renting you own apartment or opting for flat-share. You will have to search for private accommodation on your own however in some cases the university’s International Office might be able to help you.

Renting an apartment on your own can be expensive and has its pros and cons. You will definitely have less noise and the whole space to yourself, but which also means less social interaction. Flat share, also known as Wohn­ gemeinschaft or WG; on the other hand is a more affordable option where couple of people share the same flat each having their own bedroom while the living room and kitchen area are shared. Shared flats are very common amongst international students. The cost of utilities is also shared by the students occupying the flat.

Rent prices wisely vary by location, area and whether the apartment is furnished. Rent is generally higher in major cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich etc.

Cost of private accommodation is around €280 a month for shared accommodation and around €400 a month for private accommodation.

Temporary accommodation

As it can be hard to find prior accommodation in Germany and many students opting for private accommodation prefer to see the place in person, temporary accommodation comes in very handy in such cases. We have listed some of the common temporary accommodation options below. You can reserve these online early enough before your date of arrival in Germany.

  • Hostels
  • Youth hostels (this might require becoming a member of the national association of the International Youth Hostel Federation by paying a small fee)
  • Hotels
  • Guest house
  • Online accommodation listings for temporary purposes.

Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the location, type of accommodation and whether utilities are included or not.

Hope this article helped you understand the different accommodation options. Which one would you prefer and why? We would love to know in the comments below.

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