Types of Accommodation in UK with cost estimates

Do you ever think of finding the right accommodation as a challenge? Choosing the right accommodation is very crucial and often overlooked; as the place you choose will be your home for a while and will have a direct relation on your state of mind. So, read on below to understand the different types of accommodation options offered.

University Dorms/ On Campus Stay

Also referred as the University Halls of residence is the most economical option available for students. They are managed by the university and provide easy access to the campus areas. Most UK universities have a rule where international freshmen students must stay on campus in the residence halls. Usually includes private or shared rooms with communal washrooms and common lounge and kitchen spaces. These are equipped with basic required furniture and the utility costs are included in the rent. They also provide meal plans at a fixed cost to students.

International students should apply for this type of accommodation during the application process itself.

Cost of University Halls of Residence is approximately £100 – £300 per week depending on the type of room and location you opt for.

Private Dorms

Private accommodation is also very common amongst students as it offers more privacy. These offer different types of rooms and shared kitchen and lounge areas. They are usually located near to the university building foe ease of access. You will have to search for private accommodation on your own however in some cases the university’s International Office might be able to help you.

Cost of Private Dorms is approximately £165 – £500 per week depending on the type of room and location you opt for.

Rented apartments/flats

Some students prefer renting an apartment as it offers more independence and privacy. If you opt for living in apartments or flats, you will have to sign a tenancy agreement. Make sure to check the agreement terms stated and also personally check the place you will be renting before signing the lease. You can also seek advice from your chosen university’s international office. The utilities are usually paid separately than the rent.To make it more affordable you can rent it with other students so as each have their own bedroom while the living room and kitchen area are shared.

Cost for rented apartment or flats falls between £200 – £1000 per week depending on the number of people sharing it and the location you opt for. Rent is higher in large cities like London.

Rented Rooms in Houses

In order to save the costs students also opt for rented rooms in houses but most of the times you will have to spend some time in transport unless you are lucky to find one near the university area. Like rented flats or apartments, you should personally check the accommodation place and meet the people residing in the house and go through the tenancy agreement before signing up for it.

Cost for rented rooms in houses is around £200 per week depending on the location you opt for.

Annual living cost for international students in UK ranges somewhere between £12,000 – £15,000 apart from the tuition fees. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the location, type of accommodation and whether utilities are included or not.

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Hope this article helped you understand the different accommodation options. Which one would you prefer and why? We would love to know in the comments below.

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