Love Sales, Numbers & Commission?

At EDAPT, we love to offer opportunities to every individual to become a part of our company directly or indirectly & start affiliate marketing. 

Join us if you love sales & excited to make some extra bucks every month.


Become an Independent Contractor

We are hiring sales executives to help us sell App membership to the Service providers.

We’re looking for a results-driven sales representatives to sell our app membership to service providers.

Make 20% – 40% commission on every sale.

How to start earning with us?

  • Write an email to us by clicking the button below & share your resume with us.
  • Let us carefully review your application.
  • Once we are done with the review, we would send a confirmation email to you.
  • After the confirmation email, you will receive a unique employee code.
  • Marketing material & training would be provided to help you maximize the earnings.
  • Service providers need to put your employee code at the time of registration.
  • We would be able to pay commission to you iff the service provider buys membership with your employee code.
  • Payment would be transferred via Stripe or Paypal.

How much can I earn per month?

  • We work on the revenue share basis with independent contractors.
  • Revenue share starts from 20% & go up to 50%
  • Membership starts from 99USD/Profile/3 Months & Go up to 199USD/Profile/1 year
  • Majority of our independent sales executives make 2000 USD or more in a month.