Things to consider before choosing an accommodation and when should you start looking for one

Finding the right accommodation can be a task but worry not we have listed below six pointers that you should check on before you finalize your living space.

1. Know your budget for rent

If money is a concern, choose wisely. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the location, placement fee charged by the school/college and whether a meal plan (for on campus and homestays) is included or not.

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2. Don't forget to check the cost of Utilities

Before deciding on any accommodation, make sure to check if the rent amount includes the cost of utilities or is it separate. Sometimes you may find that some utilities are covered in the rent while some are not. Utilities include water bill, electricity usage, gas cost, laundry room services, internet, trash pickup cost, water and sewage cost. Most on campus accommodations have these included in the rent but for off campus apartments; the utilities usually need to be paid for separately.

3. The Importance of Location

A location close to the university will be beneficial and help you save time. Of course, there are transit options to commute if needed but you will have to stick to the bus or train timings.

4. Deposit amount

You may have to pay a deposit not greater than your rent amount. This is asked as a safety concern by the apartment which is returned after you move out and you have abided by the move out terms stated by the apartment. It is also referred to as the damage deposit.

5. Check the Lease terms

Carefully read the lease agreement and note the details like the length of the lease, move in and move out dates, utilities included, and any additional charges mentioned. Also note the lease breakage fee and the sublease terms should you need to relocate.

6. Choose Roommates wisely

Choosing roommates wisely is important as you are going to stay with them in the same house. If you already know friends moving to the same university as you, it would be great to live with them but keep in mind adjustment is key here.

When to start looking

Start looking well in advance so you don’t miss on any quality options as most accommodations get occupied four to eight weeks prior to the semester orientation date. We suggest to start looking for accommodation options once you receive an acceptance letter from your desired university.

Wrapping Up

Lastly beware of scams on websites like craigslist and never make the mistake of sending money for accommodation before meeting the owner in person or before seeing the apartment. Regardless of whichever accommodation option you choose be sure it is a comfortable and safe place and be welcoming of the roommates you come across to make your study and stay in Canada a success. Do not stress much and know that you can always relocate. Take it as a learning experience!

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