What is Family Sponsorship?

Canada offers the Family Sponsorship Immigration program which allows your relatives to study, work and live in Canada as permanent residents of Canada.

First check is done on your eligibility to sponsor. If you are eligible to sponsor, then the PR application will be reviewed. 

Who Is Allowed to Sponsor Relatives?

To sponsor certain relatives, you must be 18 years old and meet one of the following requirements-

  • you are a Canadian citizen or
  • permanent resident of Canada or
  • you are registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

Application Process

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible to be a sponsor

As a sponsor, you must prove you will be able to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter and will support the persons you are sponsoring for a period of time. Also, you will not receive any social assistance except for disability reasons.

Although there is no set income requirement proof asked, you are required to show proof that you have enough money to meet the requirements of people you will be sponsoring.

Note: For Quebec residents, please check Quebec immigration sponsorship requirements.

Step 2: Know who you can sponsor

The person you are willing to sponsor must be residing outside of Canada unless temporarily in Canada for study or work permit and a:

Tip: Check out IRCC’s online tool to know if a child qualifies as a dependent.

Step 3: Apply

When you are applying for sponsoring your family or relatives, your application to sponsor and the application of your family/relatives for permanent resident (PR) status must be submitted together.

Application process for sponsoring your spouse, partner, child

Application process for sponsoring your parents/ grandparents

Application process for sponsoring your relatives

Note: Make sure to list all the family members in your PR application.

Before submitting, check this article to ensure your application is complete.

Step 4: Pay application fees

Fees include sponsorship fee, processing fee and right of permanent residence fee. The right of permanent residence fee is the only fee that is refunded when an application is withdrawn or rejected.

Fees are as below-

  • Spouse, partner, or relative age 22 or older: CAD $1040
  • Relative under age 22 and not your dependent child: CAD $640
  • Dependent child, adopted child or orphaned relative: CAD $150


Note: The fees have to be paid online and include the payment proof in your application.

Step 5: Submit your application

You can choose to apply online or mail in your application via courier or regular mail. IRCC will send you an application number and acknowledgement receipt when they start processing your application.

First check is done on your eligibility to sponsor. If you are eligible to sponsor, only then the PR application will be reviewed.  

If IRCC refuses your application as a sponsor, you can choose to let IRCC continue processing the PR application of your family/ relatives or you can withdraw your application.

During the application process, IRCC might ask you for more information if needed; that you must provide to continue processing of the application.

Step 6: Documents to submit on PR approval

Once IRCC approves your family/ relative’s PR application, to complete the processing, they must submit the below required documents-

  • Their passport or photocopy of passport
  • Two photos as per IRCC specifications
  • Right of permanent residence fee payment proof (if not already submitted)


Step 7:  Acquire Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)

IRCC will then send your family/relatives the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and the permanent resident visa stamped in their passport, if applicable. 

Step 8: Travel to Canada

Once they receive the documents in Step 7, you can travel to Canada. Make sure to check the expiry date on the COPR and PR visa.

Step 9: At Canada port of entry

When your sponsored family members or relatives land in Canada, they will be required to show the below documents to the immigration officer-

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)
  • Valid passport/ travel document
  • Valid PR visa if issued
  • Any other document they were asked to bring as per the scenario


Step 10: Enter Canada and receive PR card

Once the officer is satisfied that they meet the requirements, they will be allowed to enter Canada as permanent residents.

The officer will also start their PR card process and mail it to the Canadian address mentioned on their COPR.


On an average it takes about 12 months to process the application for spouse or a partner while roughly 24 months for a parent or grandparent’s application. For children or other relatives, it varies and usually depends on the country of origin.

Wrapping Up

While the family sponsorship is comparatively complex and a bit lengthy process compared to other Canada PR process, you can nail it with the right guidance and support.

We wish you good luck with your application!

Have anymore questions or doubts on the Family Sponsorship Class? Feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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