6 Reasons Why People Fear Moving To a New City/ Country and Tips to Make Your Move Smoother

Are you a student wanting to study abroad? OR Have you won that job in the new city you always dreamed of? OR Are you eyeing that amazing opportunity in a new city but are afraid to move leaving the comfort and familiarity of your current home? We get it! Change is scary at the beginning. The uncertainty can fill your mind with doubts and fears and make you question your decisions. Almost everyone who goes through the moving decision, faces some sort of anxiety and nervousness.

If something is holding you from making that move, don’t worry; you are not alone. In this article, we will discuss some common fears that people face and tips on how to overcome them!

1. Money

Money is the topmost concern for people deciding to move to a new city or country. It is natural to worry about finances especially in a new place as it takes some time and effort figuring out the costs for accommodation, transportation, groceries, and essentials.

Useful Tip:  Start saving RIGHT NOW for your move in the near future!

Spend some time doing your research on the expenses and calculate how much you would require living in your new city/country assuming there is zero income. This will make sure you are well covered financially.

Do not hesitate to consider loan options or even scholarships if you are a student.

2. Language Barrier

Language barrier is common when you are moving to a new country although in multilingual countries like India this can be an issue when you are moving to a new city within the same country.

If you are moving as a student, most countries ask for language proficiency proof or offer language courses on arrival to make sure you do not face any difficulties related to communication.

Useful Tip:

Learn some commonly used phrases such as ‘Good morning’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Welcome’.

Use online tools to improve your grip on the language.

Upon moving, try to communicate with locals and make friends. Remember, practice makes you perfect.

3. Safety

Safety is an important concern for everyone moving to a new place be it a new city or a new country or just moving houses in the same city! Safety must be your priority.

But most of the times this apprehension is due to lack of knowledge about the new place!

Useful Tip:

Do thorough research before you move to a new region.

Always use your common sense and be street smart and take precautions wherever you go! Don’t leave your items unattended in public places.

4. Homesickness

If you have lived with your parents and surrounded by relatives and friends, it is natural you will be nervous and scared to leave all that and move to a whole new city/ country all on your own. It’s more difficult when moving overseas as the opportunity of meeting your loved ones in person is even more less. Yes, it will be hard; we are not going to lie but remember this is a step closer to your dreams. And distance only makes love grow stronger.

Useful Tip:

Make use of the gift of technology and internet! Isn’t it such a blessing? Don’t underestimate the power of a video call!

There are lots of apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, emails that can keep you connected from miles apart.

5. Job Prospects

This is tied to point#1 Money. Searching for a job can be stressful and nobody likes waiting too long to find a suitable job for your career. Especially if you have dependents with you in the new city/country, having a job is even more crucial.

Useful Tip:

If you are a student moving for education, we would suggest researching on job prospects in your destination country to know you are making the right choice.

If you are a worker moving for a new assignment offered by your current company or simply moving for work, it is still a good idea to research and have some knowledge on the job market of your destination country in case there is a need to change or switch jobs.

6. No Familiar Faces Around

Last but not the least, everyone fears loneliness especially in a new country or city unless you are lucky to already have a few known faces in your new place.

Useful Tip:

Be open minded and make friends at your school, workplace or in your community. It is a good idea to know your neighbors.

Do not stress and know that with time you will meet people and who knows make some amazing relationships that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Change is the only constant. Hence you should learn to embrace change and overtime you will become more resilient to it. The experience of a new life in a new city will make your life richer. Not everyone gets these opportunities so take advantage of it!

Can you relate to this article?Are you hesitant about moving? Chat with us in the comments below!


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