A Look Into Language Exams

Language is a medium of communication between people. Therefore, in the case where you cannot understand the language of the person whom you are working or should be taking duties from, it becomes almost impossible to perform any tasks given in that language. Language barrier can be very devastating to new immigrants in most of the continents because of the disparities between languages spoken in these different regions. This is the reason why most government and learning institutions abroad who have English as their language of communication and command requires proof of English language proficiency from people who are not native English speakers. To assess this, IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Exams are available across the world proving and validating the proficiency of their clients on English language.

Thoroughly prepare on grammar, reading speed, writing and listening.


IELTS is an English language proficiency exam that tests clients on the four major sections of the English language namely: Speaking, writing, reading and listening. It is of two types, Academic and General. Depending on your purpose of moving to the country you will need to choose which one is required. 

Moreover, academic institutions are the most requiring institutions of English proficiency from students who are not native English speakers and who wish to attend lectures delivered in the English language. IELTS is widely accepted as an assessment exam in UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. This exam is provided by either the British Council or Cambridge English Language Assessment who are the joint owners of the program. IELTS scores ranges from 0 to 9 on each tested skill. Each score is rounded off to the nearest 0.5 and whole number as well. You need to score at least a 6 average score. It is recommended to have 6 to 8 weeks of preparation for IELTS exam. The tests centers can be accessed from this link: https://www.ielts.org/book-a-test/find-a-test-location


Test of English as a foreign language is mainly an assessment for clients who need to attend universities and higher education abroad. It is a widely recognized test exam in the USA, Canada, Italy and other parts of the world. TOEFL test centers are scattered across the world in most countries where you can register the exam. TOEFL score band is 0-90 for iBT and 0-900 for PBT. It is recommended a 90 score in iBT and at least 600 score in PBT to be considered competent of the language. You can use the link below to find a suitable location: https://v2.ereg.ets.org/ereg/public/workflowmanager/schlWorkflow?_p=TEL 


Pearson Test of English is a common widely accepted English proficiency test across the world with an endorsement from the graduate management admission council. This language proof has won acceptance in the prestigious academic institutions like the London Business School, Harvard Business School, Yale University and widely accepted in both the USA and European institutions of higher learning. Level 5 for the proficient and 1A for the foundation level are used to grade PTE exam results. You can search for suitable test centers here https://pearsonpte.com/the-test/test-centers-and-fees/


Most of these exams are taken from the test centers located in most countries but some can be taken online. Determine what suits you best. If you have a good English command, you may need to prepare for the exams personally from e-resources and other ways. Nonetheless, if you doubt your proficiency then you need to enroll in revision and exam preparation classes available for most of these exams.

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